1. Production Pipeline
    Pass the Hat Promotions provides regional playwrights with opportunities to develop social relevant scripts and videos through workshops, readings and festivals, both independently and in conjunction with partners.
  2. Community Building
    Pass the Hat Promotions promotes collaboration, cooperation and communication among existing arts organizations, new, emerging and established artists.
  3. Social Justice
    Pass the Hat promotes the development of socially relevant new works through public theatre, benefit performances, and collaboration.
Nexsus of Art, Community and Social Justice
Better Together
Pass the Hat Promotions is a not for profit organization and artists' cooperative.  PTHP's mission is to promote socially relevant performance art from diverse artists through three major programs:
  • Building collaborations among writers, performers and arts organizations.
  • Supporting existing lively arts organizations with grant writing and other promotional activities.
  • Producing readings, workshops, video recordings and pop-up events.

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Katie Parzych and Eric Blake, LEDA, by Amy Crier, A2CT, 2015 
"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy"

Studio Space
Artists Cooperative
Basement studio space available weekdays and evenings, for PTHP partners, individual artists and local production companies.
Formal and informal partnerships between and among artists and arts organizations to build capacity, share resources and promote new works.
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